At the age of 18 Steve Boysen began crafting surfboards in an old garage in Ocean Beach, CA, under the label Pacific Drive Surfboards. The name Pacific Drive arose from Steve's favorite spot to surf in Pacific Beach, P.B. Drive. A couple years later, he and a good friend opened Pacific Drive Surf Shop in Pacific Beach, CA. The space may have been small but the passion to create the best surfboards and sell the best surf gear on the market was overwhelming.

As Pacific Drive's popularity grew so did the need for a larger manufacturing facility and from there the SB Surfboards label became its own. Steve relocated SB Surfboards headquarters to North County San Diego, the epicenter of surfboard manufacturing. Soon after the opportunity to shape boards for Christian Fletcher arose. Christian pushed the limits of surfing and was one of the few surfers at the time doing airs. Once again, SB Surfboards had outgrown its manufacturing facility. Steve strategically decided to relocate SB Surfboards to Sorrento Valley, in the same industrial complex as Poor Specimen video productions (Taylor Steele) and 17 clothing. This allowed Steve to create strong ties with many key industry players and professional surfers that would later on in his career help promote the SB Surfboards label.

In 2004, SB Surfboards moved to Oceanside, California, where we still reside today. Today, our manufacturing facility is nearly 5,000 square feet and can produce upwards of one hundred surfboards a week. SB Surfboards demands the highest quality of work out of every employee in order to bring the most high performance surfboard to the customer. Over 20 years of shaping and glassing experience is put into every surfboard made by SB Surfboards.

Stay tuned as SB Surfboard's history constantly evolves and grows into one of the most popular surfboard labels on the market.

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