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Oakley Dispatch X Sebastian Zietz


Oakley did a little piece on Sebastian in the first of their series "Dispatch Profiles". Seabass being a character as always.





Seabass on Surfline's F Stop feature

Bass F Stop



Bass taking a dive

Bass, Pipe



Seabass on his 5'11 Pic taking down Taylor Knox, Thiago Camarao and Davey Cathels.




Geoff Moysa | Newport Beach 11/13/11




Chippa will be traveling with Craig Anderson and Mitch Coleborn to fiim for Kai Neville's next movie project. Here is what he'll be taking... (Left to Right) 5'6 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/8 Piggy 5'7 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/8 Piggy 5'9 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/8 Pic 5'8 x 18 5/8 x 2 1/8 Pic

Chippa Desert Quiver



Oakley's new concept surf truck has all the bells and whistles – shower, overhead deck to get changed under when it’s raining, a nuts suspension system and an audio setup from Kicker. Not bad! (SB Surfboards not included)

Oakley x Toyota x SB
Oakley x Toyota x SB
Oakley x Toyota x SB

Chippa Wilson, France


From last week's "Full Frame" on Stab Magazine's home page. Chippa Wilson on his new 5'4 stump tail by SB Surfboards.

Chris 'Chippa' Wilson, Biarritz, France

It's currently 20 degrees in Biarritz, France. Last month it was even warmer. So, y'may find Chris 'Chippa' Wilson's combo of a short-arm steamer and booties a little paradoxical. Chips is a student of the Cali skate-surf steeze, uber-tech and punk as Rollins. Booties have always been part of that steeze and, depending on who you ask, can prove extra traction for sticking landings. Chip favours booties made only of neoprene with no smooth skin on the sole. Doesn't sound like that be all that grippy, but Chip says there's something about surfing in 'em. They just feel good. For more aerial-related pointers, be sure to check out The Degenerate's Guide To Trick Surfing with Chippa in Stab issue 52.

Chippa France
Chippa Stab screen shot

Geoff Moysa France


Analog Surf Team Manager, Geoff Moysa seen ripping in France on his new 5'10 Piggy.

Moysa France
Moysa France
Moysa France

Rock Piles Death Sesh


Sea Bass, Ronnie Nelson, and Brenno fueled up on some silver bullets and decided to paddle out at rock piles on a stand up board. The slam at 1:30 is all time.

TRANDOM - 3 Guys 1 Surf Board from Lachie McKinnon on Vimeo.

Sea Bass Ripping on the North Shore


Bass has some rad clips in this video Oakley just released.

Oakley House Hawaii_ep1 from WHO CARES on Vimeo.

Andy Irons - 1978 to Forever


The official paddle out and spreading of surfing legend Andy Irons ashes was yesterday. Here is a great video that was compiled. Andy's wife, Lindie is expecting their child early next month.

Sea Bass and Imaginarium


Sea Bass and the Oakley team took on the challenge of Imaginarium. They were given the color yellow. When they first started brainstorming for this project Bass came to us said make me a new batch of boards and make them yellow. Below is more information on Imaginarium and make sure to look at Sea Bass and the rest of the Oakley Team in the new issue of TransWorld SURF and be sure to check back on for the final videos.

Imaginarium from Blake Kueny on Vimeo.

TransWorld SURF’s Imaginarium: A Contest To Progress The Creativity Of Surf Photography.

Three Teams. Three Destinations. Three Colors. One Winner.

In the tradition of TransWorld’s groundbreaking photography contests that include TransWorld SKATEboarding’s “Skate And Create” and TransWorld Snowboarding’s “Team Shootout,” here is the first-ever surf photography challenge that tests the surfers, the photographer, the brain-trust at each company, and eventually the reader—hopefully changing the way we all view surf photography.

Three teams of four surfers started their photographic journey by picking (at random) their “theme color,” which will be dictated by one of the four colors of the CMYK color model: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. After picking their “theme color,” teams were given a month long window where they let loose on the world and had to choose the location to shoot their piece, resulting in an eight-page showcase in TransWorld SURF magazine, video and gallery on, and the winning team’s best shot being showcased on the cover of TransWorld SURF.

Using lighting, props, obstacles, outfits, and anything else they want, the teams scattered around the globe and came back with the goods.

How It Works:

-Four teams were chosen (one team had to drop out due to unforseen circumstances) to create an eight-page article for TransWorld SURF, as well as a five-minute video for

-The teams had the entire month of June 2010 to go anywhere in the world to shoot their article.

-No photoshop allowed.

-The final submissions was judged by the TransWorld SURF staff, as well as TransWorld SNOWboarding Photo Editor Nick Hamilton and TransWorld SKATEboarding Editor Ben Kelly.

-A submission of ten photos was judged. Any sequences will take up the judged space of one photo. The photos were judged as a group and made up 50 percent of the overall score. The remaining 50 percent of the overall score was determined with 25-percent focus on creativity, and the other 25 percent on the teams’ video.

Winning team gets the cover and a pass into next year’s Imaginarium.

Darwin Island


We don't actually have any involvement with this film other than the fact that a very beautiful young lady is riding an SB in it. By the way, the waves in this teaser are ridiculous. Looks so fun. The girl comes on around 48 seconds in.

Darwin Island Official Teaser from clyde smiths on Vimeo.

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