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Surfline's 20 under 20


Sea Bass's year just keeps getting better and better. Surfline's "20 under 20" feature, which ranks the top 20 surfers in the world under 20 years old, has ranked Sea Bass #9. Here is what Surfline's Dave Prodan had to say about Sea Bass:

The Kauaian vagabond has made quite the splash in 2008 and nowhere was this more apparent than at April's Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro and Oakley Pro Junior. Seabass, along with fellow outer-island comrade Dusty Payne, dealt healthy spankings in both divisions of the event, but Zietz's paranormal rapport with the Lowers walls set him well apart from the pack. Although the young regularfooter went out in the quarterfinals of the WQS (the result of a last minute interference), he had already scalped some big names (including Nathan Yeomans and Dustin Barca) and went on to obliterate the Oakley Pro Junior a few hours later, claiming the win and qualifying for the Oakley Global Pro Junior Challenge in one fell swoop. That being said, this is Zietz's final year as a junior and we want to see the youngster make more of a dent on the 'QS - nowhere better than the upcoming U.S. Open in Huntington Beach.

To read the 20 under 20 go to: 20under20

This entry was posted on July 10th, 2008.

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Traditional chinese medicine will help you to quit smoking. Traditional chinese medicine entails adding some really small fine needles into specific details on the system. It can take away toxic compounds and aid to take care of annoying mental and physical take away signs or symptoms. Be sure you view a reputable and skilled professional for this particular remedy, since it might be hazardous or even done properly.


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There exists a way to give a Google schedule for an iPad schedule. By using an iPad, visit Configurations and wide open Snail mail, Associates, Calendars. Put your money, then touch Other. Tap Put CalDAV Bank account, and get into all of your current Search engines Account info. Get out of your Options food selection and touch on Work schedule to find out every little thing. It will show all wall calendars by default, but tapping in the Wall calendars key allow you decide on which ones are displayed.
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Will not actually vigorously massage water from the head of hair with a towel, it is wise to blot the water away from your hair having a cloth and then allow it to atmosphere dry. When you massage this type of water from the head of hair, it may cause harm that you simply cannot reverse.
In some instances, lower back pain is actually a significant issue and sometimes, this is a mere hassle. No matter what its severeness, back problems is not a thing that its affected individuals have to ignore. The ideas over are just some of the ways to ameliorate back discomfort. You will discover a viable answer on the market for alleviating, nearly every circumstance.Get A Deal with On Your Own Allergy symptoms Right now!
Protecting a younger car owner can be a harrowing - and expensive! - undertaking. Several insurance carriers provide "very good student" reductions for fresh drivers these should be considered benefit from whenever feasible. Insurance companies reason that a devoted college student who performs exceptionally well in their sessions is more prone to be described as a cautious driver. Smart insurance plan clients will take advantage of this thinking.
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Don't get overly stressed about the infrequent blood sugar degree spike. The quantity that may be most significant in predicting your overall health will be your typical blood glucose levels during the period of months, not the spikes. It is best to give attention to your A1C reading rather than get also centered any one surge.
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Once you see that the position is losing, will not add more anymore funds into it. Quick-word prophecies tend to be the sole ones it will be possible to make accurately. Thus, you must make judgements depending on what you see inside the second. Increasing a losing place is normally as well wonderful a danger.


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Sign up to LinkedIn. This is anything everyone ought to already have into position, whether these people have a career or perhaps not. LinkedIn lets you community with folks you realize and people you don't, offering you usage of opportunities, information regarding firms and the opportunity to gain knowledge from your peers from the area.
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