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We are going to have some great blog entries here soon, so sign up for our feed, and check back again soon! Make sure to check out the rest of the new site too!

Showroom Atmosphere


Just in case you have not already heard, we just opened a retail location right in the heart of Oceanside. We have nearly 100 new and used boards in stock and a bunch of sick tees and accessories. The coolest thing about the showroom though is on any given day you could come by hangout, drink some coffee or whatever other beverages are in stock, and watch surf movies on the couch. You might even be able to watch Steve shape some boards in the shaping bay. The other day there was just a few of us hanging out and Ben Bourgeois came in to check things out. We all just watched and listened as Steve and Ben went over board design and just life. It was really something to be able to listen to one of the best shapers in the world talking about surfboards with one of the best surfers in the world.

The Showroom
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