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Seabass update!!


Seabstian Zeitz is coming off a second place in Hawaii at the Macy's E-series Pro Jr. Right now he is at the Oakley pro jr. In sea Isle New Jersey and then off to NY for the unsound Pro.

Watch Steve Shape


Seabass on Surfer Hot 100


Latest Happenings:

Several winters ago people on the North Shore learned two things about Sebastian Zietz: 1. Given the opportunity, he’ll takeoff on anything. 2. He has three thumbs. And while it may have been his antics at Off The Wall that got him notice—and his extra digit that got him talked about—as time goes on “C-Bass” is proving to be much more of a complete surfer. A win at the 2008 Oakley Pro Junior at Lower Trestles is testament to his competitive prowess, and an expression session victory at the O’Neill Sebastian Inlet Pro proves his innovativeness. But more than that, C-Bass has the charisma to go places. Listing Journey as one of his favorite bands, dancing as his favorite pastime, and mimosas his favorite beverage, if he doesn’t end up on American Idol he may just have a shot at the world tour someday.

Sea Bass's Quick Hits:

Funniest road experience: I got left at the Sydney airport for 36 hours once. Some how I missed my ride and spent the whole day in the terminal. That evening I was joined by two Belgium girls and somehow fell asleep in the most comfortable three-way cuddle sesh anyone ever had in an airport. The next morning the girls left, I stayed that whole day. I eventually got a ride, and later that night I went to my first club and won a huge dance-off. True story.

Best part about growing up on Kauai: My big loving family of 11, and the true Hawaiians…and by that I mean the happy ones.

One wish: To have enough money to buy my family a beach house at Pine Trees.

Curren or Occy: Curren. He looks good just standing on a wave.

Andy or Bruce: Andy, he’s the best surfer in the world.

About Sea Bass:

An understated, and not to mention, until lately, an extremely underrated surfer, Sebastian Zeitz’s profile may not be as lofty as some of his classmen, but when it comes down to it, he has to be considered a contender in any conditions. For the past several winters “Seabass,” as he’s been affectionately dubbed, has applied a time-honored approach to getting recognized on the North Shore. He’ll paddle out on the ugliest day at Off the Wall, find the most hideously deformed closeout, hurl himself over the ledge, and hope a camera catches the action. At the very least, it’s earned him the respect of surfers both young and old, which goes a long way in the Islands. “Seabass rips,” says Alex Smith, who’s grown up on the North Shore of Kauai surfing with Zietz. “He catches more waves in one session than I do all year. He just goes and goes and goes. He’s classic to party with too. He’ll usually get himself into a dance-off and end up singing karaoke.” The hard-charging regularfooter has also developed a fondness for Teahupoo, spending some serious time there over the past several seasons. And while he’s not necessarily known for doing his best work while wearing a contest jersey, his small-wave act is impressive as well. Garnering the highest heat score of the recent O’Neill Sebastian Inlet Pro, he proved there’s more to his surfing than simply sitting on the foam ball and hanging behind the curtain. “I’d eventually like to make the WCT,” he said in Florida, “but for now I’m on the WQS and doing everything I can to make the dream a reality.”

Photos courtesy of Oakley.

Seabass 1
seabass 3

Gabe Kling WQS Update


The 6*Boundi Billabong Pro in Ericeira, Portugal is currently underway and they have surfed through a few rounds and are ready to run the round of 96. The 96 round is where Gabe Kling, Kekoa Bacalso and Gony Zubizarreta will all start their runs towards the final. The event runs late at night California time so they should hit the water sometime after midnight here in So. Cal. If you are not an insomniac and can't stay up to watch their heats then check back tomorrow and I'll post results here.


SB's Taylor Clark makes USA team


San Juan Capistrano, Calif. – August 24, 2008 –

After six days of competition at the SIMA Surfing America USA Championships presented by PacSun, the new PacSun USA Surf Team was announced.

"The level of surfing at this year’s USA Champs was unbelievable," said Surfing America executive director Mike Gerard. "The performances were tremendous, the judging was spot on, and the new PacSun USA Surf Team looks stronger than ever." At the conclusion of the surfing action, Coach Buran was excited about the 2009 PacSun USA Surf Team roster. "This is a much better place than we were last year because there is already a solid program in place," said Buran. "The goal of the selection was to have surfers on the roster who will compete for those three ISA starting spots and we have that." The following athletes were selected to the 2009 PacSun USA Surf Team:

Boys Under 18: Nathan Carvalho (HI) Andrew Doheny (CA) Victor Done (CA) Fisher Heverly (NC) Kyle McGeary (CA) Balaram Stack (NY) Chase Wilson (CA) Nat Young (CA) Dane Zaun (CA)

Boys Under 16: Kolohe Andino (CA) Conner Coffin (CA) Ian Crane (CA) Luke Davis (CA) Evan Geiselman (FL) Taylor Thorne (CA)

Girls Under 18: Courtney Conlogue (CA) Quincy Davis (NY) Lani Doherty (HI) Kaleigh Gilchrist (CA) Keenan Lineback (SC) Nage Melamed (HI) Lakey Peterson (CA) Taylor Pitz (CA)

Super Juniors Under 14: Taylor Clark (CA) Parker Coffin (CA) Jake Halstead (CA) Andrew Jacobson (CA) Colin Moran (CA) Cam Richards (SC) Nikki Viesins (FL)



SB in Transworld Biz Logo Wars


In the August issue of Transworld Business, SB breaks into the top 50 for logo exposure amoung the major published surf mags. Other surfboard brands in the mix - ...Lost, Channel Islands, Town & Country, JS and Stretch. . . . . Good company indeed!

Kling, Blanchard Tour Update


Gabe Kling followed up his strong US Open semi final finish with a 9th in Japan earning him 1375 points and $2300 cash. Currently he is sitting 25th in the WQS ratings going into the European leg. Gabe is looking to crack the top 20 for a chance to re-qualify for the WCT.

Meanwhile in Portugal, Alana Blanchard made amends for her shocking first round elimination at the US Open with a quarter final appearance there bagging 1525 points and $1,100 in prize money. Currently Alana sits at #8 on the women’s WQS and is looking to crack into the top 5 for a berth in the women’s WCT.

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