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Geoff Moysa | Newport Beach 11/13/11




Oakley's new concept surf truck has all the bells and whistles – shower, overhead deck to get changed under when it’s raining, a nuts suspension system and an audio setup from Kicker. Not bad! (SB Surfboards not included)

Oakley x Toyota x SB
Oakley x Toyota x SB
Oakley x Toyota x SB

Chippa Wilson, France


From last week's "Full Frame" on Stab Magazine's home page. Chippa Wilson on his new 5'4 stump tail by SB Surfboards.

Chris 'Chippa' Wilson, Biarritz, France

It's currently 20 degrees in Biarritz, France. Last month it was even warmer. So, y'may find Chris 'Chippa' Wilson's combo of a short-arm steamer and booties a little paradoxical. Chips is a student of the Cali skate-surf steeze, uber-tech and punk as Rollins. Booties have always been part of that steeze and, depending on who you ask, can prove extra traction for sticking landings. Chip favours booties made only of neoprene with no smooth skin on the sole. Doesn't sound like that be all that grippy, but Chip says there's something about surfing in 'em. They just feel good. For more aerial-related pointers, be sure to check out The Degenerate's Guide To Trick Surfing with Chippa in Stab issue 52.

Chippa France
Chippa Stab screen shot

Geoff Moysa France


Analog Surf Team Manager, Geoff Moysa seen ripping in France on his new 5'10 Piggy.

Moysa France
Moysa France
Moysa France

Darwin Island


We don't actually have any involvement with this film other than the fact that a very beautiful young lady is riding an SB in it. By the way, the waves in this teaser are ridiculous. Looks so fun. The girl comes on around 48 seconds in.

Darwin Island Official Teaser from clyde smiths on Vimeo.

High 5 Premier Tonight in Encinitas


The most anticipated surf film of all 2010 premiers tonight at La Paloma theater in Encinitas. Come on out and support San Diego's Transworld Surf, as well as everyone else that was involved in the production of this film. Including, former SB Surfboards intern Blake "Big Time" Kueny, who had a hand in the production of the film. After parties TBD...


Ideal Surf and Skate - Open


SB Surfboards newest shop account is up and operating. Ideal Surf and Skate is a new shop up in Costa Mesa. They have well over 200 surfboards in stock with about 30 of those being Boysens. When we delivered the boards, we were blown away by how well Jacob and Will (the owner and manager) put the shop together. This shop is every surfer's dream. Here's a link to their facebook:

Their website should be up any day now as well.

Here is a current list of SB inventory at Ideal: Photobucket

New Headquarters


Hey everyone! We have a new address:

3205 Production Ave. Ste. H Oceanside, CA 92058

The phone # is still the same and everything will be back and operational over the weekend so if you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at or give us a call at 760.754.8441

Jon LaLanne Shredding Malibu!


Check out this photo of Jon LaLanne shredding Malibu in 1987 on an SB! The wetsuit is classic. Jon is a long time friend of Steve's. His dad was the famous work out guru Jack LaLanne. Jon actually lives in Hawaii now and shapes. Photobucket

Captain's Helm Party!

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