SB Surfboards Fin Systems


FCS is the world standard fin system, it’s sold and serviced worldwide. Our patented H-pattern anchorage allows fins to snap of at the tabs on severe side impact without damaging the board or plugs. We use the latest technology to develop new fin designs in conjunction with some of the world’s best surfers (including Kelly who’s fin is available on all his K models). We are dedicated to bringing you the lightest, strongest, most functional fin system for high performance surfing.

Future Fins

FUTURE FINS fin system is the most advanced out on the market today. Technology equals enhanced performance in your board. First in the industry to have RTM and Vector technology brought to your surfboard. Try the future fins in your next board!” Available worldwide, check out the web site for all your info!

Glass On

Glass-On fins are the original fin setup of choice. They have largely been replaced by removable fin systems such as FCS and Future. Many top pros prefer the feel of glass-on fins over removable fins but do not like the lack of versatility.

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