SB Surfboards Team


Sebastion Zietz

Name: Sebastian Zietz
Nickname/s: Sea Bass
Birthplace: Ft. Pierce, Florida
Now Residing: Kilauea
Age: 22
Sponsors: Oakley, Future Fins, Bewet Wetsuits, SB Surfboards
Recent Achievements: 1st Oakley Pro Junior at Trestles, 1st Place Goofy Vs. Regualar, Who’s Next according to Transworld
Favorite Board Dimensions: 6’1” x 18 1/4” x 2 3/16" SeaGull Model
Favorite Local Spot: Pine Trees
Favorite Worldwide Spot: Pine Trees
Music: 80s
Words of Wisdom: Think it, Feel it, Do it
Training: No
Heroes: My Brothers, Billy, Max, Josh, Dusty, and my Mom


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